The Love Junkies Nobody Tour at Slims

-By Dariya Salmin


Having just completed their US tour, The Love Junkies are back home and played one of their first gigs (for the Nobody National Tour) on Saturday night at Jack Rabbit Slims. The highly anticipated and long awaited show was completely sold out, as Slims was bursting at the seams with lines of people down the street hoping to get in on time to watch the boys. The overflow of the venue was not only due to the popularity of The Love Junkies, it was also for the incredible, yet eccentric mix of local Perth talent supporting them. Shit Narnia, Rag N Bone and Foam, added to the raw, grungy and garage-rock atmosphere of the evening, performing with a certain intensity and energy keeping the crowd aroused and rocking all night.

rag n bones

Kicking off early, Shit Narnia played one of their last shows, as they take a break for a few months.  Their performance showed depth and excitement despite the small audience.  The crowd slowly grew for Rag N Bone, as they really set the atmosphere for the night. Consisting of Kiera Owen on vocals, Axel Carrrington on guitar, Sara McPherson on bass and Jamie Gallacher on drums, Rag N Bone is a local Perth band you MUST go and see. Their stage presence was captivating, with each member giving a mass amount of energy which pieced together perfectly with the style of their music. Playing songs such as Pissy Flow, Wood and Wire and Last Kind Words, it was the performance of their new upcoming single I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore that was the highlight of their set. Owen sings with such strength, power, and conviction, it was extremely impressive to watch. Together with Carrington’s energy and spontaneous screaming and Gallacher’s passion in the drumming, Rag N Bones left the audience pumped and ready for Foam to take the stage.


One of their first few gigs since Harley Barnaby (bass) returned from the US tour with The Love Junkies, Foam performed an epic performance that many people had clearly missed. Playing a bunch of new songs such as; We Don’t Live In The U.S.A, Get On Board, Cope, Body Into Mine, I Could Milk Myself and Snake Warning, the band got such an amazing response from the crowd. Foam’s sense of grungy, raw energy was definitely present throughout their performance, however there was weight within their sound, grounded and heavy, which was only enhanced by Joel Martin’s new guitar. By the end of their set, Jack Rabbit Slim’s was at capacity and there was a powerful atmosphere present amongst musicians and the audience.

The Love Junkies are finally back in Aus and kicked off their national Nobody Tour starting at Jack Rabbit Slims, (after an all-ages show at The Garage the night before). A completely packed venue and sold out show, the crowd was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Mitch Mcdonald (vocals), Robbie Rumble (vocals/guitar), Lewis Walsh (vocals/drums) and newest member from FoamHarley Barnaby (bass) took to the stage and gave the classic Love Junkies performance, everyone knows and loves. The boys played a mixture of their new songs; Nobody and I Had a Party Once which the audience was already extremely familiar with, singing, rocking out and crowd surfing. And quite a few songs from their last record Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet, such as Maybelene and Baby Come Home. It was immediately evident that Maybelene was the most popular amongst the band’s fans, which is no surprise as the song expresses the true essence of their grunge rock style. An epic performance and night, that will surely be repeated throughout the rest of their tour.

love junkies 2

Photo Credit: Jack Rabbit Slim’s/OK Media Group

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