The Jungle Giants at Metropolis Fremantle

-By Carla Avendano

Preforming songs from their latest album Speakerzoid, The Jungle Giants gave us a raw yet unforgettable full of energy and good vibes performance, what a way to kickstart the weekend. Supporting act Hockey Dad started up the night at Metropolis Fremantle preforming a few of their songs “Cant Have Them” and “I Need a Woman” amongst these for the surf rock duo. Art of Sleeping touring their newest album Shake Shiver rocked the stage with “Voodoo” and “Bleeding Out” just to name a few favourites of the night. Both sets complimented The Jungle Giants indie funk feel giving the crowd a rocking start up.

Finally The Jungle Giants appeared on stage and opened with “Skin to Bone”, this had everyone chanting “oh oh” alongside the talented energy fuelled band, their presence on stage was so energetic and exciting from the get go. Following with “What Do You Think” off their new album Speakerzoid had fans clapping their hands along to the funky sounds that a band like this brings, you couldn’t help get caught up in the atmosphere of it all. Sam Hales hitting those high vocals with “Anywhere Else” from their first album Learn to Exist. Cesira Aitken lead guitarist for the band smashed out some really impressive riffs during the night, she by far brings a unique sound to the band. “Domesticated Man” and “Creepy Cool” where accompanied by the clapping and dancing of the crowd, Andrew Dooris going hard on the bass and Keelan Bijker smashing the drums away. “She’s a Riot”, “Devils Play” and “I Am What You Want me to Be” also made it on the set list, “Devils Play” really brought out the funky psychedelic indie vibe from The Jungle Giants no doubt had the fans wanting more.

“Mr Polite” from their EP in 2011 had the crowd singing along word for word, Sam interacted with the full house of loving fans a few guys in the crowd started chanting for him to scull his beer and in good Aussie style he smashed that one down. Definitely a fan pleaser. Sculling one more drink before finishing off the gig with the very catchy “Kooky Eyes”, they thanked Perth for the support and love, however these fans demanded an encore. The whistling and cheering for The Jungle Giants to come back out and play one more song began, not letting us wait too long the band jumped back on stage to keep the flow going. Their energy and good vibes passed through the venue as they blasted out the last two songs of the night “You’ve Got Something” and “Every Kind of Way” ironically being the first song off their latest album Speakerzoid. Besides a few tiny sound complications Metropolis Fremantle had at the venue, the lighting show went hand in hand with the amazing performance The Jungle Giants gave, such easy to groove to music perfectly timed for the warmer months, they put on an awesome gig and their new album is definitely worth checking out.


Photo credit: Yen



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