The Getaway Plan at The Rosemount Hotel

– by Brittany Garbutt

I am not often easily pleased, but if there is one thing to surely get me in a good mood, it’s a beautiful man with long hair. Keep this in mind. On that note, The Getaway Plan, who played at the Rosemount Hotel last Friday night, was a pretty freaking good time. Lead singer Matthew Write, A.K.A the sexy frontman with super lovely locks, did a killer job! My 14-year-old self, (along with the other female frothers in the crowd, I’m sure) were absolutely thrilled at the performance.

Bearing in mind that from a tender young age of around 14, I fan-girled hard over the Melbourne native band, that whole ‘Where the City Meets the Sea’ stage, it was a huge relief to find that after just about five years of silence they had not lost their game. Or their perfectly groomed locks. A real shining star was ‘Battleships’ a track off their new EP, Dark Horses, which only helped to reassure me further that their new stuff will not disappoint.

Having said that, although their new stuff is certainly in their style, it is definitely different and despite not knowing the words, the “new jams” portions of their set, were some of my favorites of the night. And speaking of set lists, the guys managed to do a killer job, perfectly melding in the new stuff along with the old – making their gig the perfect way to bring in some new stuff whilst still making sure to keep old fans happy.

The crowd was also a pretty fun one,_I3A6109small starting off slowly,  and eventually, in the end I was surrounded by a bunch of music-crazy limb-flingers, which is always good on a night out! Keeps things interesting. Lead guitarist and all-round fun guy Clint Ellis also added to the whole atmosphere keeping everyone up on their feet, with all his running around and sweet dance moves.

As I mentioned before, The Getaway Plan’s hair game was extremely strong and the bunch of them seemed to flawlessly float through the whole experience, cool and effortlessly, despite having their stage stripped to the bare minimum. No light show, no bells or whistles and certainly no elaborate setup – the music stood on its own, and did so very well.

Lastly, let’s not forget that the whole tour was named after their upcoming LP, Dark Horses. I would whole-heartedly recommend checking it out when it drops July third. This is essentially their first release in now almost 5 years. Anything that takes that long to get together is sure to be pretty sweet.

Photo Credit: Brittany Garbutt

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