The Force Awakens – Star Wars VII trailer debuts

– by Tyler Boag

Finally the force awakens, and so do the fans! The short but satisfying trailer every Star Wars fanatic and his mother have been patiently waiting for. We’ve all seen the snippets of  the behind-the-scenes footage and the fundraising ‘Force for Change’ clips, but now… I, and the rest of humanity are privileged to experience the long awaited 90 second teaser trailer!

Purposefully, the teaser was short, showing off but a few of the iconic elements of the Star Wars franchise, the slickly modified storm troopers, the X-Wing Starfighters, the nostalgic sounds, oh and of course, the freaking Millennium Falcon! Honestly, if this trailer showed anything more it would have to be Han Solo and Luke Skywalker themselves. Though, I see why they chose to leave the main returning cast out as that is their big-guns for later trailers.

Not a whole lot can be gathered from the teaser trailer, story-wise, anyway. We know the Millennium Falcon is back in action (Hallelujah!), and that there seems to be a new threat emerging from the darkness — a threat who wields a never-before seen red saber-hilted lightsaber. In the end, all this trailer does is raise many interesting questions and reestablishes the hype of the beloved franchise, which is exactly what a teaser should do.

No doubt this movie is going to be historical, racking up more than a fortune, critically acclaimed or not. 2015 is already a huge year for movies, this being a big reason why, so let us all cross our fingers in the hopes J.J. Abrams can use his experience with sci-fi to, not only make an amazing movie, but likewise, the tougher challenge, keep the great Star Wars feeling throughout this blockbuster epic.

Lastly, it is interesting to see they left out the ‘episode VII’ format that has always been used. Perhaps it’s to help fans forget about the dreadful prequels? Nevertheless, I can feel my inner Star Wars fanboy slowly waking up, and when that menacing voice in the teaser opens with “There’s been an awakening… Have you felt it? … ”  I can honestly respond with “Hell yes!”  So, to conclude, I’ll just say, if it hasn’t already, …may the Force Awaken with you.


Banner credit: Epic Stream

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