The food pages you need to follow

– by Sophie James


If you are on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, your mouth would be watering every time you go on because of the food pages that pop up. So to make your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts or snacks easier I am going to tell you my favourite pages to follow.


TastyTasty is the overall food page, it has everything and it is so simple. They may have not been the first food page but I remember coming across their videos and since then my friends and I have been tagging each other in basically every video. When I say video, it is not 15 minutes long and going to take up your time, it is normally a quick minute and bam you’ve figured out what you are having for dinner. They even show you videos from their friends at Japan Tasty and you know that they always cook the cutest food around.


Proper Tasty- If you are British or have a love for their food, you need to try this page. I always go on it and I see all of my childhood favourite sweets and they make marvellous creations with them. It can be a sugary kick that you never want to get out of like the Cookies and cream stuffed doughnuts, yes that’s right people of Perth you can basically make a Krispy Kreme doughnut in your own kitchen. It is just simple ideas yet we would never really think of them.


Delish- If you are reading this please go on their website and try to find the red velvet skillet cookie recipe, you will never be the same but in a good way. The page can show you party food when you have guests over. As well as a good drink, whether it be a smoothie or something stronger.


Food Porn- With food porn you can actually send your own photos of the food you have and they decide whether to put it up on their page or not. If this page doesn’t make you want to travel the world just in search of this food, then I don’t know what will. Recently they posted burgers that were Pokémon and them pictures of the American burger joint In and Out get me every time.


The Food Bible- Ever got a Big Mac from McDonalds and wondered how they made that delicious sauce, well the food bible has you covered. They not only show and tell you how to make the sauce but also the patty itself. I know of someone who made this sauce and they said it was perfect, so why not give it a go?


Bakin’ You Crazy- This is an Instagram account of one girl and her love for cookies, cakes, cupcakes and all them lovely treats. The cookies she finds are amazing and with 107k followers I’m not the only one that thinks that. There are unique cupcakes and cookies that you don’t just find anywhere and they look worth a try.


So everyone those are my top pages to follow for some food envy and some food inspiration. If you excuse me, I’m just going to drool over more of the videos.


 Photo credits: www.delish.com, partyideasuk.co.uk, www.sudinfo.be

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