The Epic

– by Chantelle Pitt

“This is not a play.” The first words spoken by the two actors on stage. And in a good way, it truly wasn’t. It was a remarkable performance of story-telling that trekked across the world in search of myths and legends to tell.

Written and performed by Finn O’Branagáin and Scott Sandwich at The Blue Room Theatre, The Epic takes us on a truly epic story through the biggest myths and legends from around the world. From tales of Gilgamesh to the Finnish ‘Kalevala’, O’Branagáin and Sandwich took us on a thought-provoking around-the-world journey of cultural identity.

O’Branagáin and Sandwich were amazing. They captured the attention of the entire room with just their words and their passion. The intimate nature of the performance space was important because I don’t think that this production could have worked in a larger theatre. The informal nature of the performers helped to get the audience invested in what they were saying to laugh along with them. One of the outstanding features about this production, beyond the content and the location, was the fact that it had no plot. This was not a traditionally linear play and therefore had no central plot to focus your mind on. Instead, it used the theme of what is ‘epic’ and applied it to every tale that they told through varies uses of performance poetry. They created an amalgamation of stories with no linking features apart from the fact that they are well known in their respective countries.

In all fairness, this production may not be for people who don’t have an interest in myths, legends or performance poetry, but I loved it. The Epic took a bold move in simply retelling stories instead of creating a play around it, and I believe this worked in their favour. I truly enjoyed this production and found it to be incredibly insightful into different cultures from around the world. I would definitely recommend you give it a try.


The Epic plays at The Blue Room Theatre until the 13th of June. Information about this event can be found at blueroom.org.au. Bookings can also be made by calling (08) 9227 7005.

Image courtesy of Desmond Tan.

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