The Doug Anthony AllStars: Review

– by Candice Hanson

allstarsThe Doug Anthony AllStars’ “Lock Up Your Meds” tour saw Paul McDermott reunite with Tim Ferguson and join with Paul ‘Flacco’ Livingston on guitar at the Regal Theatre in Perth last night. It was a trip down memory lane for DAAS fans, with golden nuggets of goodies such as ‘Dead Elvis’ and ‘The Mikado’ being performed between the fast paced banter of Paul and Tim as they recollected their hijinks as young buskers in Canberra (yes, they openly admit they were in Canberra) through to their misbehaviours in the UK and beyond during the 80s and 90s.

As is the form for all that is DAAS, nothing was sacred, including Mr Ferguson’s adventures is his wheelchair or his crusade to free all nipples everywhere, or Mr Mcdermott’s artistic rendition of the recent Todd Carney episode and his Rolf Harris Wobble Board solo. Mr Livingston played the guitar really, really well (and we knew where those filthy fingers had been).allstars4

A little tear was shed towards the end of the show when they put little Richie Fidler’s images on the projection screen and sang over the top of him, just like in the olden days, but overall, I laughed so hard that my face ached for minutes after the show. A brilliant reminder of what politically incorrect comedy should be all about, and why taking your dog for a walk in the park, after dark, may not be the greatest idea after all.

Photography by Matthew Picken

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