The Creases’ New Single ‘Point’

– by Michelle Yeong

Mum, put the iron away, The Creases are here to stay. The Brisbane music scene is often known for its wide tight-knit indie community where everyone seems to be in three or four different bands with each other. And so it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, although not for The Creases. From the moment I heard their bedroom demo ‘Fun To Lose’ I was immediately hooked to their fun jangly-garage sound. This sound was developed further on last year’s debut EP Gradient, which demonstrated the evolution of a jangly indie-pop duo into a robust shoegaze four-piece. New stand-alone single ‘Point’ is a track that continues to develop this cohesive sound.

‘Point’ opens with a smooth synth melody, colourfully welcoming the listeners into an upbeat 80’s nostalgic tune, resembling the likes of Slowdive and The Horrors. Layered with the synth is a pop influenced drumbeat and a polished guitar tone, making this the perfect song to listen to on a rainy night. Sung in a cool effortless fashion by front man Joe Agius complements the instrumentation and is soothing to the ears. The highlight of the track is the build-up towards the song’s close where Agius echoes “what can I do, what can I say?” on top of Jarrod Mahon’s relaxed bass solo. With a clever build up and reminiscent vibes, ‘Point’ is a tune that’ll get fingers snapping, bodies twirling and heads spinning. Everything about this track is on ‘point’, and I’m hoping The Creases release an LP sometime this year.



Photo Credit: The Creases

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