The Beards Farewell Tour at The Rosemount

-By Carla Avendano


After ten years of touring across the country, around the world, bringing bearded people together and of course making songs about beards, The Beards embark on their farewell tour mainly giving thanks to their fans for all the support they’ve received but also to give an outstanding full of energy show. Their final set at the Rosemount, Perth was definitely worth being in the aroma of hot sweaty bearded fans.

Supporting act King of the Travellers brought just enough folk, ska and a little bit of head banging rocking tunes to start the mystical bearded night. Their music truly unique to this era the crowd seemed to enjoy their on stage shenanigans and Trenches was a known song, they set the mood and did a great job in kickstarting the night. By this time the venue had started to fill up with heavily bearded fans also some non bearded fans and then some drawn on bearded fans, if tonight wasn’t truly about the cult of beards this amazing band brings together then I don’t know what is.

After a few moments of interval the crowd began to chat ‘Beards, Beards, Beards’, they knew it was time to entice their awaiting fans. Dressed from tip to toe in what would be formal attire they appeared on stage, explaining that the night’s show would consist of a two part show where one was a little more intimate and acoustic and the second half would be more of a rowdy beers and beards kind of feel. Straight into it with Born with a Beard their fans rejoiced in being apart of this farewell tour. Damn Thats a Nice Beard followed nicely up next, their choice of wording and genre is throughly enjoyable and you can easily have a giggle (I mean who doesn’t like or appreciate a good beard). After letting us know that they did originals songs about beards only they had the crowd singing along as they covered ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man, these bearded guys interaction with the crowd is just so natural and awesome to see much like their beard

 Stroking My Beard and The Beard Accessory Store had fans belting out the tunes along side them and the gratitude shown by The Beards was demonstrated in their set, a bunch of really cool guys who want to spread the love of the beard nation. After their first half of the show was done and literally expressed by them to take a short break for the crowd and themselves to get a little more drunk before hitting the stage again, people all around where feeling the good energy this show had to offer, well almost most especially the ones with real facial hair. The crowd full of energy and wanting the show to go on started chanting them back to the stage and again like the great band that they are got right back into it accompanied by a relaxed change of wardrobe.

I’m in the Mood for Beards was held greatly with some high pitched vocals that were definitely impressive, even though The Beards are finishing off with this chapter of their lives it will be interesting to see what they come out with next. A Wizard Needs A Beard and A Song About Beards followed with some blues adding feels to the night jamming to the sound of the sexy sax. These guys would have kept rocking all night long if they had the chance, as the lead singer combed his beard and threw the comb out to the crowd caught by a lucky fan, I’m sure will be a treasured momentum. Finishing off was still nothing but full energy and creative songs up on stage with the likes of All the Bearded Ladies and  Got Me a Beard, there’s no doubt that The Beards will be highly recognised by all beard and non bearded fans out there for many years to come, the night’s show was most definitely a bearded pleasure.

Photo Credit: Carla Avendano

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