The Angels – Talk the Talk


Tom Munday


Over the past fifty years, Australian rock groups have deconstructed and reconstructed popular music. From ACDC to Eskimo Joe, Australia’s expansive music industry has delivered one engaging ensemble after another. Aussie groups, including The Angels, deliver chart-topping songs with emotional weight and explicit messages. Hot on the heels of their last album, Take it to the Streets, The Angels’ latest album Talk the Talk delivers an entertaining and heartening tribute to a fallen comrade. Released after bass guitarist Chris Bailey’s passing last year, the group’s latest compilation touches upon life, Love, regret, and existence. We, as lucky listeners, are immersed into each band members’ career-and-friendship-driven lives.

The album delivers several show-stopping numbers. Fit for any occasion, The Angels’ latest album becomes a meaningful crowd pleaser. The titular track, Talk the Talk, becomes the perfect example of a rousing rock anthem. Featuring memorable lyrics and Bailey’s insatiable guitar riffs, this engaging track launches the album into overdrive. The group, touring throughout the past several decades, has developed a unique and tangible rapport. The album’s most soulful track, Got a Feeling, provides a nostalgic and heart-wrenching tale for this catchy compilation. With Dave Gleeson’s accent creeping through each lyric, his husky vocals provide visceral gut-punches. In addition, the album’s most inspirational track, I Come in Peace, solidifies their relationship with the Australian music industry. Thanks to its scintillating rhythm, lyrics like: “I had a vision, a head-on collision. A revelation that took me on a mission” defines this band’s overwhelming influence.

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