The Amity Affliction at Metropolis Fremantle

– by Alice Mod Newport

The Amity Affliction, Thursday 29 January, Metropolis Fremantle

Supported by: Confessions, In Hearts Wake

I’ve been following the metalcore/hardcore/emocore/whatevercore scene for about 13 years now and been going to gigs over 20 years. Live music is engrained into who I am and truthfully I can be a bit of a harsh critic when it comes to live performances. I was really interested in seeing who The Amity Affliction had chosen to support them and how they’d perform in a sweaty box rather than on a festival stage, outdoors.

Confessions opened and sprang into their 20 minute set. Sadly their set failed to impress me. The guitars and drums were on point but they lacked the eye for detail, they weren’t as polished as I was expecting. The vocals were good and the songs were constructed well; each song flowed and the path the set took (from a sound perspective) made sense, but their delivery was just slightly off. In their defence, they owned the stage and definitely entertained the crowd. Giving us a bit of his soul, the front man dedicated one of their feistier songs to his three year old daughter, which made the crowd to deliver hysterical screams of support.

In Hearts Wake came on stage for a slightly longer set and I immediately understood why they were playing. Polished, engaging and playing with an understated confidence that completely entranced me, they launched into their perfected metalcore set, literally kicking goals everywhere they went. Props to their drummer who plays with what I can only describe as awesome gusto.

The pit got crazy and the crowd screamed along to lyrics, both the lines melodically sung and those which were beautifully screamed. Everyone looked so happy, particularly the girl sitting on a friend’s shoulders throughout the whole set, sweating and screaming her heart out.

After they closed you could actually feel the excitement in the room. No one left their spots, the bars remained pretty empty, and everyone wanted the perfect spot for Amity.

After a few cheers and chants (which will obviously make a band hurry up, right?) Joel and the band ran onto stage and the whole room erupted into applause. I suddenly realised how excited I was as we debated what they would open with. They smashed their way through ‘Pittsburgh’ and I remembered how amazingly talented they are. This is the third time I’ve seen them play and whilst I have never been disappointed, last night I was utterly blown away. There wasn’t one thing I could fault them for. Every note that was sung and played was perfect. During one song as Ahern was singing, Joel passed one of the people squashed in the front row a bottle of water. They are so good at what they do and seem so humble and happy to be doing it.

They played 13 amazing songs, 11 one after the other and then stopping for what was probably an unnecessary “encore” break. Finishing with ‘Open Letter’ and ‘Don’t Lean on Me’ was perfect. I didn’t think people could have gone more mental than when they opened, but every single person in the venue lost it when they played Don’t Lean on Me.

Thinking back over all of the gigs I’ve been too, I can’t think of a band that has ever nailed it like Amity did last night. They’ve been around for 12 years and you can see their love, dedication and commitment in the way they play and in the lyrics and structure they present to their fans. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen them play and it’s going onto the list of best performances I’ve ever been to.

Tickets and more information  to future shows can be found here.

Photo credit: David Cox

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