Thank You Clint Nolan!

– by Revathie Dhanabalan

There’s just something about a restaurant that has a speakeasy sort of vibe with no clear signage but just a single sign with ‘38’ in block characters. And that’s what Pleased To Meet You is all about. Industrial chic décor, concrete walls, communal mess hall dining, margarita slushies and the list goes on and on. But overall, what you get is something straight out of a hipster manual.


This is the latest offering from Clint Nolan, the man behind Who’s Your Mumma? in Freo and La Cholita down the road on William. Similar to its siblings, Pleased To Meet You offers up pretty amazing summer margarita slushies and for all the grown ups out there, top-notch bourbons!

Even when you step into Pleased To Meet You, the first thing you get a whiff of is a roasting suckling pig probably due to the pig roasting over the coals right behind the bar. The menu just as on par with the décor, offering up trendy food like duck tacos with corn salsa ($7) or even a coconut ceviche ($12.50) to start off with appetisers. But when you see a coal roasted suckling pig, you have to try the coal roasted suckling pig and that starts at $14 per 100g.


It’s all kinds of cool, casual and laidback. It’s a blending of North and South American cuisine with slight Asian hint here and there and I must say that I’m definitely pleased to have met you! Yes, I just had to put it out there. It’s in the title, how can I not!

ADDRESS: 38 Roe Street, Northbridge, Perth WA 6003

WEBSITE: www.pleasedtomeetyou.com.au

HOURS: Monday-Thursday (5pm-10.30pm), Friday-Saturday (12pm-12am), Sunday (12pm-10.30pm)

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