Terminator: Genisys — the trailer is here!

– by David Morgan-Brown

I’ve been a huge Terminator fanboy for the majority of my life, but as far as I’m concerned, the series is over when Terminator 2 reaches its ambiguous ending. Terminator 3 and 4 had their moments (mainly some impressive action scenes), but they are only peripheral to the series as Terminator 3 decided that the future really is predetermined and the very sudden apocalypse is inevitable (Bummer).

Now we have the trailer for the fifth in the series, released just over thirty years since the original debuted, so the internet has another opportunity to completely judge a film based on the trailer alone. Deep down in the innermost core of my being, I want Terminator: Genisys to not suck. There’s not much to suggest that’ll be the case and the trailer certainly doesn’t help.

It appears that things have changed so much since the first film, now the series has become a self-parody. More takes on the “I’ll be back” line, baby-faced actors masquerading as tough, and this film seems to use the never-ending time-travel concept to nullify all the previous movies. Each of the films in the series have had a distinct style (in its genre and setting), but this one looks like it’s a remix of all the previous ones, with some scenes looking like exact replicas of the other films, only with far less convincing acting, dialogue, and effects (CG or make-up).

But who knows whether the inexplicably titled Terminator: Genisys will be any good? Who knows if I’ll bother to watch it in the cinemas? Someone who does know it’s going to be a success is Paramount, who have already planned two sequels to this sequel to be released in the next four years. It’s disheartening to see that instead of developing on the war setting and less timeline shifts that its predecessor did, we instead seem to getting something of a semi-remake. But I still have a little bit of hope.


Banner image credit: Flickering Myth

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