Tasty Food with Minimal Ecological Impact

– by Revathie Dhanabalan

The new year brings about new resolutions and looking for a place that does vegan or gluten free breakfasts brought me to the outskirts of Northbridge! Source Foods, is a quaint little café that prides itself with providing food that is obtained through fair trade. Tasty food with minimal ecological impact – now that’s a place that creates a positive outlook on my new year’s resolutions.


DSC_0175First thing that hits you when you read the menu is that different meals are labelled things like LFM (Low Food Miles) and NAP (No Animal Products) for example. The menu had a good selection of choices ranging from $7.50 for your fruit and nut toast to $18 for their The Big Eco which is organic toast, poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and wilted greens. The best part for vegans out there is their NAP version of The Vegan Heaven ($19) brekkie which is organic toast, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, wilted greens and Source spicy beans with hummus!


DSC_0173And while Source Foods is also known for their great coffee on Beaufort Street, check out their selection of  Source Smoothies. Starting from $6.50 – Source Foods has a range of flavours from banana to mango including their fresh squeezed juices like the Health Nut ($7.50) which is made with apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger and chlorophyll.

The meals are simple yet for a carnivore like myself, I pushed aside my own prejudices and enjoyed my meal there. The place is usually bustling with office workers and locals stopping by for coffees, but if you’re hunting around for something new, Source Foods it is!

ADDRESS: 289 Beaufort St Northbridge, Perth WA 6000

WEBSITE: www.sourcefoods.com.au

PHONE: (08) 9328 1449

HOURS: Monday – Friday (7am–3pm), Saturday (7.30am-3pm), Sunday (8.30am-3pm)


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