Suicide Squad Commits Suicide

By Andrew Charlton

Suicide Squad, by DC comics, directed by David Ayer was released on August 4th. The film’s premise is fairly simple, a hand full of super villains of DC comics are pulled together by the American government to perform suicide missions for a chance at a reduced sentence.

A simple a premise it might be, but Suicide Squad falters from the word go. Characters are gathered up far too quickly, with little introduction or reason to care about most of them.

The most egregious of these is definitely Katana, who just shows up on the helicopter as they go to the mission, with a simple “Oh yeah, this is Katana, she’s a buddy of mine.” from Captain Flag.

It felt a very lazy way to do things, and lazy sums up quite a few aspects about this film. From the writing to the story line and to terrible dialogue that’s meant to be a climactic line.

The worst writing in the film was definitely “Lady you are evil!” from the guy who’s spent all movie telling people to remember that they’re villains. This was a huge disappointment to me, because of who it came from, Will Smith’s Deadshot.

Deadshot undeniably carries the film. Will Smith looks fantastic with a beard, and his soulful acting and expert delivery of the lines makes him the most likeable character, and his well executed action scenes make him the coolest.

I’m glad the studio realised this as well, because Deadshot is almost always centre stage, to the point of other characters losing screentime to give him more.

Thankfully, Deadshot wasn’t the only good character in the film, the Suicide Squad as characters is definitely what made the film watchable, I only wish they were given more time to interact.

My second favorite was actually El Diablo. Harley has gotten plenty of discussion, and I certainly liked her. She was probably the funniest character in the film. But Jay Hernandez’s El Diablo carried a similar thing to Deadshot; he was cool, he was sympathetic, and he was likeable.

A man with the power of a fire demon inside him, who lost control and killed his family, then willingly handed himself in. You can feel the pain in El Diablo, you can see how he hasn’t forgiven himself, and it makes him backing out of every fight he can understandable, and even sympathetic.

Suicide Squad was not an amazing movie. It feels like DC is trying to get up to Marvel’s level, but isn’t giving themselves the time to do so. That being said, if you want to see a new perspective of the DC world, give it a watch, the characters alone will let you at least enjoy yourself. Don’t expect anything stellar though.
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