‘Stay In’ and Listen to Horror My Friend’s New Single

– by Michelle Yeong

Roll your windows down and get ready to sing along to Horror My Friend’s new single ‘Stay In.’ Filled with the energy of five cans of Redbull, the tune will stay in your bloodstream for hours, days even. Around this time last year the Adelaide trio dropped their first EP A Million Hands, gaining them recognition for their energetic post-punk style. ‘Stay In’ is the first single off their upcoming debut album and showcases the trio’s progressive sound.

Horror My Friend are known for their raw chaotic sound with bolstering shouty vocals. ‘Stay In’ continues the raw energetic vibe that we’ve all come akin to; however, the fuzzed out vocals sound much cleaner in this track – which is a good thing. With lyrics about feelings of hopelessness, backed up by an ensemble of charismatic guitar riffs and heavy percussion – the trio’s new single is a standout track amongst the lo-fi slacker rock genre. In time, ‘Stay In’ could potentially become the new anthem for weekend road trips. A song that everyone will identify their lost weekends with.

Check it out



Photo credit: Horror My Friend

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