South-West Urban Creativity

– by Rebecca Westlund

In 2014 Bunbury based artist initiative Six Two Three Zero began their planned annual Re.Discover street art exhibition in the Bunbury CBD. Their mission was to start a culture of urban and social change using creativity in a community in need of  a fresh face. Working with local business operators and the City of Bunbury, the Re.Discover project was a well timed collaboration to be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

On the last weekend of January, I decided I would take the opportunity for a mini getaway and so drove two hours to visit this exhibition. I took myself and my Aunty who lives in the area on this walking expedition through Bunbury, which quickly became an exciting treasure hunt. We had no knowledge of what to expect apart from a handful of photos we had seen online. Due to the fact it was a humid and overcast Sunday (not to mention the last day of holidays before school returns in Western Australia) it felt as though we were searching for bright sparks of life within a ghostland of closed businesses and empty streets.


Work in Progress by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

The majority of Re.Discover pieces could be easily found by foot traffic within the Bunbury CBD area. As we came upon the grand scale pieces we paused in amazement and reflection. We enjoyed admiring the differences between the various works and the intricacies of the artists’ work in the open for all to see. As we travelled from piece to piece, we pondered how the artist had related their work to the site that they were placed on. Even with a long time Bunbury resident and a map picked up from the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, a handful of the pieces proved quite hard to find.

We compared the work of artists who had participated in both exhibitions to date. Toward the end of our walking tour we found ourselves discussing other sites within Bunbury that could be used for future Re.Discover instalments. Several of the artists used in the Re.Discover initiative have large scale street art to be found within the Perth City and Fremantle regions as well as around the globe, with particular mention to the work of Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Anya Brock. It was refreshing to see well established artists take part in this community development project. I look forward to visiting again for Re.Discover 2016 and in the years to follow hope to see great change within the Bunbury CBD inspired by urban art.

The Re.Discover 2015 exhibition runs officially from 18th January until the 15th of March. An exhibition of street art can also be found at the Chapel Gallery area of the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. 

Photo Credit: Six Two Three Zero

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