Slumberlove: New Slumberjack EP Review

– by Dylan Smith

If the name Slumberjack isn’t already emblazoned underneath the term ‘electronic love-making’ in your mental dictionary then it soon will be. The undefinable rhythm of Slumberjack has been simmering hot on the surface of Perth’s music scene for the past year and has recently burst forth from the boiling cauldron of sound and into the national limelight.

The Perth duo, a combined force of long haired yahoo, Fletch Ehlers (production artist/DJ) and the ponytailed Morgan Then (classically trained piano slayer), work under the premise of creating a beat that is undeniably their own. And boy can they do that.

Amongst playing some of the most blissfully bouncy sets at the Perth and Sydney legs of Stereosonic, gaining mad props from huge global artists, most notably Skrillex, and cultivating an army of home-grown Perth producers at Northbridge’s own Lab Six, the two have dropped an absolutely rubble-reducing EP that is blowing up in the ears of bass lovers everywhere; their very first, and self titled, Slumberjack EP.

The four track EP delivers two new tasty tunes, including a tantalising collab’ with KLP as vocalist and an all Slumberjack, straight-from-the-butchers, banger. ‘The Others’ (feat. KLP) reels us in with an alluring piano piece, no doubt originating from Then, and leads us into a beatsy realm guided by pleading vocals and a hit of bass that alludes to a drop you won’t forget. The second previously unreleased track, ‘Horus’, I instantly recognised due to having previously gone off chops to it at a live Slumberjack performance only to be left unable to find it online the next day. ‘Horus’ samples a distinctively Eastern guitar riff that straight out sets the mood for this track. Combined with a soulful vocal cry and Slumberjack’s distinctive manipulation of percussion, ‘Horus’ conjures images in my head of an exotic ritual that inevitably turns into a massive skank off between two royal families. It’s a very unique song.

The remaining two songs are re-birthed releases of previous singles, ‘Body Cry’ (feat. Father Dude), a sensual combination of veracious vocals and dreamy synths, and ‘Felon’, the atmospherically neo-noir sound, laden with jarringly beautiful drops, that started it all.

Perth’s up-and-coming electronic duo definitely cannot be defined by a single genre. While their classical training and rap influence can be detected in their work, to limit them to any specific title would be a crime. If anything, this duo represents what I hope to be a whole new wave of eclectic future bass, a new age of Aussie electronic love-making.

See Slumberjack @ Wonderland Festival in Perth, this Saturday, on the 20th of December.

Have a listen to their sound here, and let us know what you think.

Photo credit: Slumberjack Facebook Page

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