Skullcave Debut EP – Skullcave

– by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Attention all doom pop aficionados, Skullcave have recently released their self-titled debut EP and it’s worth a listen. The compilation features forlorn undertones fused with grungy vocals. The first track from the three-piece band, ‘Hesitate’ wields a smoky rawness, even before vocalist Liam Young arrives on the scene. With dark vocal and a reverberating bass, the tempo of the song is built, leading the way for guitarist Jay Marriott to brandish a heavy echo within his chords, ‘Acid Tone’ follows a similar pattern. ‘Echo Room’ staying true to its name with various instruments ricocheting off the intro baseline, gradually taking the song to new heights as the vocal melody blends with the guitar’s heavy instrumentals. A seamless transition between tracks on an EP is always much appreciated, and Skullcave does just that, incorporating a swelling of atmosphere which merges into their final track ‘Flesh’ drawing on facets of previous songs to produce a unique tune. ‘Flesh’ brings the tempo down a notch and inspires gloomy nostalgia, the kind that you attribute to a film character’s final walk home. Young’s vocals on this blended track showcase his versatility as listeners bear witness to the epitome of successional builds, almost transitioning genres to a substantial guitar laden finale and the ultimate post-apocalyptic vibe.

Photo Credit: Skullcave Artwork by Liam Young

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