Skeggs Smashing up Mojo’s Bar Fremantle

-By Finn Smith


Skegss the three piece band from Byron Bay, NSW have taken the Punk/ Rock scene by force, leaving no ear drums prisoner as their emphatic sounds has become the theme song to punk kids globally! After rocking sold out shows in New York, San Diego and Australia the band finally descended upon Mojos Bar South Fremantle to smash the first leg of their WA tour.

Local Perth band Three Hands One Hoof where the first supporting band and melodically rocked the crowd into what was to become a night of head banging, crowd surfing and beautiful chaos. The four piece band fronted by Xave Dangerfield engulfed the audience with guitar driven indie-rock songs such as The Air, Raincoats, a cover of King Krule- Easy Easy and my personal favourite Autumn. The bands undoubted influence from the like of The Cure and Last Dinosaurs subtly shine through their funky drums and bass, smooth guitar riffs and a fine balance of power and uncertainty in the vocals. Check out their profile on Triple J unearthed and prepare to be wooed.

Once Three Hands One Hoof finished the set there was a short interlude (in which the crowd almost doubled in numbers) before the stage was home to another local Perth band Verge Collection. The 2016 Triple J unearthed winners did not disappoint as they passionately thrashed out their feel good songs that epitomize the thoughts we all have swirling around in our heads. Before the band performed the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ben Arnold thanked the crowd announcing they were “definitely the best audience we have ever had”. Mid way through the show one of Ben’s strings snapped, luckily Skegss vocalist/guitarist being the all-round Aussie legend he is lent him a guitar providing substance to the saying ‘the show must go on’. The band finished on a strong note ending with Class of 09 and Our Place both fast paced, uplifting songs perfect if you are ever feeling broken or down and need an upbeat reminder that everyone else is probably feeling the same way too.


After Verge collections performance the excitement in the air was palpable and the atmosphere had been appropriately set for the Skegss. In the short interlude, the crowd rapidly grew into a mass of seething hormone infused surfer punks that started to ebb and flow in electric anticipation for the main act. There was a slight air of confusion as Waka Flocka Flames Hard in the Paint was blasted out over the crowd before the band made an appearance, this confusion soon erupted into excitement as the band charismatically and a little drunkenly ambled onto stage.

The three piece band looked as if they had just come straight from the green room, sunburnt and crusty with dried sea water. Both Ben Bograil the vocalist/ guitarist and Toby Cregan bassist rocked long sun-bleached lochs of hair whilst Johnny Layback the drummer opted for a more practical head of hair. Each member radiates carefree, laid back vibes that translate effortlessly into their slack rock/ punk style and sound. The crowd exploded as the band began their set with heavy hitting songs such as Eat It and Hell from their highly appraised debut EP Push Ups For A Dollar. The Skegss coaxed out primal urges to move and dance as the crowd gave back as much as they received through heavy moshing and crowd surfing producing an atmosphere any punk band would be proud of. After the initial barrage of the first few songs the band settled down, playing more refined songs such as Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio and Heart Attack giving the audience time to catch their breath, which they would need for the closing songs.


Skegss saved their most highly renowned songs Fun and L.S.D for the closing numbers, this proved to be all too much for the audience as they broke like a wave onto shore spilling onto the stage to join the band in chanting the verses and chorus. L.S.D which stands for Live. Sleep. Die was the Pièce De Résistance bringing the house down with its relatable sharp lyrics and simplistic yet captivating rifts to end the night on a high. As I walked out of the booze and sweat infused air into the night I was accompanied by a comforting ringing in my ears, a saturated t-shit that had ripped down the middle and an experience I won’t soon forget.

Photo Credit: Rachael Barrett www.facebook.com/rachaelbarrettphotography 

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