Sincerely on Sincerity

– by Tyler Boag

Moana Project Space is holding an intriguing art exhibition for all to visit. Named On Sincerity, the ambiguous exhibition showcased multiple artists and their investigation on the relationship between sincerity and irony. With that in mind, what was this reviewer to discover?

With little space for displaying art, the exhibition presented a satisfactory amount of visuals spanning from the sizably large, hand carved wooden torso by Claire Lambe, to the other side of the spectrum, exhibiting a very small, handmade figure hanging up on the wall called Ski Man by Adelle Mills. So small, in fact, that one may even miss it if not careful.

Seconds of Working Together by Catherine or Kate Marking, digital video
Seconds of Working Together by Catherine or Kate Marking, digital video

Capturing the essence of sincerity and irony alike is an endeavour both rare and ultimately difficult. Unfortunately leaving this reviewer almost as uninformed as he was on entry, the exhibition lacks the strong defining points to separate itself from the average art shows. Bringing up ideas in vague and uncertain ways with some art pieces, to be brutally honest, left slightly bland or underdeveloped. 

For a brief visit and a coffee this exhibition is able to satisfy, though sadly, a coffee isn’t actually part of the exhibition therefore must be excluded (really great coffee by the way).

There were a few upsides to the small art display, the hand-carved head and torso beamed with time and effort. One could easily tell the detail and structure was perfected and true to what its artist envisioned as a final product, placed carefully amidst the rest.

Fence by Meg Stoios, digital print
Fence by Meg Stoios, digital print

Making it much simpler for visitors, the art pieces stood and hung around the room very nicely, enhancing the works to their full potential with little or no distraction. Professionally, On Sincerity succeeds, with its helpfully mapped out artwork display sheet, to its generous lighting setup, whereas, artistically, the exhibition feels like a poorly collaborated mess with weak flow. 

To conclude, the overall experience held the potential to be very momentous and thought provoking, however just slightly falling short of its initial purpose. Desperately trying to appreciate On Sincerity, this reviewer found himself intrigued not nearly enough to suffice. This exhibition is a satisfying addition for those who are primarily there for the coffee.


ON SHOW: 07/11 – 06/12

WEBSITE: www.moana-ari.com/

ADDRESS: 1F 618 Hay St, Perth CBD

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Fri – 7am – 4pm

                          Sat – 10am – 3pm

                          Sun – 11am – 3pm

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