Seth Sentry Brings His 1969 Campaign Trail to Metro City (12/08/2016)

– by William Jackson & Cyrus Todd

Metro City exploded on Friday night with the arrival of Seth Sentry.

The born and raised Victorian rapper set the bar high for Australian hip-hop with his fun, flowy, relatable lyrics on everything from the issues surrounding society’s lack of hover boards (“Dear Science”) to growing up a “ratbag” youth in the Melbourne suburbs in which he was raised (“Run”).

Self-releasing his debut album This Was Tomorrow way back in 2012, his fans were in desperate need of some new material and in June of 2015, he gave it to them with the release of his newest album, Strange New Past. Seth, alongside the one and only DJ Sizzles shook Metro City to the ground as the audience danced to the sound of hits such as “Float Away”, “Run” and “Hell Boy”.

The night was kicked off by local hip hop veteran Mathas. He performed some lighthearted crowd pleasers like “Doctorshopping “and “White Sugar” as well as some hard-hitting tracks such as “Enforce Less”, about our home town of Perth. Following Mathas was the all energetic Remi. From the moment the man walked on stage he didnt stop moving till the minute he walked off. Constantly jumping and dancing, he opened with everybody’s favourite track “XTC Party”. He then went on to play the upbeat, funky sounds of Sangria, Tyson, For Good and more with infectious energy.

With the crowd still racing from Remi’s performance, Seth and Sizzles together wasted no time in getting the crowd back on their feet for “Run”. With Sentry’s lyricism and Sizzles’ dancing (and insane stage diving), the two shared a stage presence unmatched by most. In “Dear Science” for example, all Sentry had to do was mutter the first line and the crowd yelled back the first verse for him. It was as he described it, a “pretty loose show” kinda just going with whatever happened, audio issues, spontaneous freestyles and “The Holy Moses”, a move Sentry claims to have created in which the crowd creates a path to the bar where he grabs a beer for himself and Sizzle and then made his back up to the stage.

Seemingly out of nowhere, he decided to do a freestyle grabbing whatever people from the audience handed him and making a rap out of it. I mean, sure, in the end it was about a pack of yoghurt and some milk but it was his skill combined with a charismatic performance that won Metro’s over. Seth also played his much loved track “The Waitress Song” to which the audience sung back at him at full volume.

Seth proved to his fans that he is more than just another rapper: he’s a performer and an all round good bloke. He also proved to everyone else just how underrated Aussie hip-hop can be. All three acts delivered high extremely energetic, entertaining performances that will surely leave Perth waiting for their to return.


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