Sculptures by the Sea

– by Alfindy Agyputri

“I’m not a beach person.”

To say that as someone who’s studying in Australia, it’s pretty weird, because we have so many beautiful beaches here, and that’s what people do – going to the beach, especially during Summer time. Of course, I’m not against it. I still go to beaches and enjoy the view, but it’s not my favourite place. I’m more an indoor person. I enjoy walking around art gallery to enjoy an exhibition. So to combine beach and art is a great idea, like what Sculptures by the Sea does. I sometimes don’t really have any reason to go to beaches unless someone asks me to come or something. But if there’s an art exhibition there, why not?

Having an art exhibition in an open public place makes it less exclusive, and it’s a good thing. Sometimes, art exhibitions in galleries seem to say, “This is only for art lovers or gallery goers”, but to have it at the beach, it’s saying, “It’s for everyone!” It even gives people like me, who’s not a beach goer, a reason to visit and check it out. And it’s held in Cottesloe beach, one of the famous beaches in Perth. Both tourists and locals can come to check it out as well as enjoy a nice day at the beach with their families. The artworks make the beach look even more stunning. It works the other way, too, actually. The artworks look more beautiful when they’re displayed alongside the Indian Ocean. It gives a different experience to the visitors.Sculpture

Sculptures by the Sea has been held since 1997, but it started from 2005 in Cottesloe beach, so this year is the 11th anniversary of Cottesloe exhibition. This time there are 70 sculptors from 10 countries across the world exhibiting their artworks, and there are 51 sculptures displayed for the first time in Australia. It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

I never enjoyed walking down the beach as much as I did when I visited this exhibition. The sculptures decorate Cottesloe really well, like how Wendi Chang’s mi no 5, displaying a group of stainless steel mesh flamingo statues, lining up along the beach towards the water, as if they’re heading to the sea to drink or swim. The red flamingos look stunning alongside the blue ocean. “The texture of the stainless steel mesh creates the natural and soft shape of the flamingo, whilst the red colour increases the visual effect. Together they gather shape to present a beautiful scene, creating a harmonious ecological visual effect.” Well done to Wendi, because she definitely managed to do what she aimed for.

The rest of the fantastic works also fill the beach with amazing visual effects that give you extra enjoyment. You can also visit an indoor exhibition displaying the miniatures of the artworks presented at the beach. For more information, come check out Sculpture by the Sea’s website.

LOCATION: Cottesloe Beach, Marine Parade, Cottesloe

OPENING TIMES: 6 – 23 March 2015


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