Run Girl Run @ PICA Performance Space



By Ebony Campbell


‘Run Girl Run’ is a show that really takes the audience, and the actors, through their paces. The Grit Theatre ensemble shock and amuse perfectly, and the male lead provided just the right amount of comic relief in a show that tackled some heavy themes.

Starting with a silence that evidently made the audience uncomfortable, and a slow warm up (as it should be!), the themes of peer pressure, gender roles and Australian culture were explored through short, witty dialogues about JB Hi-Fi purchases, football and social media sites such as Instagram.

After a dance sequence containing protein shakes and wife beaters, the speed of the treadmills, upon which the play is entirely performed, picked up (this time with the performers in heels!). The amount of information to absorb paralleled this, until punters questioned whether they should laugh or cry.

I was left with a sickening feeling in my stomach after observing the difference between how the male and female characters conversed when depicting the two genders. As men, they assumed a hard, ‘manly’ mould, and as women they pressured each other to be consumer Barbies. All the while, the treadmill analogy made it evident to me that in this day and age our culture expects us to race through life at the same pace.  So well done!

The number of costume changes, drinks downed and makeup applications, in a 55 minute show that’s continually moving, make it easy to see why the talented trio’s season at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013 sold out. Run; don’t walk, to the box office to get your tickets before Perth does the same!

Run Girl Run is on until February 1 through FRINGE WORLD. 

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