RÜFÜS And Their Sultry Synths

By Rachel Philips

Its always a little bit daunting going to see a band only knowing a song or two; sure you like the songs that you know, but there’s still that niggling feeling that you have no idea whether you’re going to be surprised and really enjoy yourself, or whether you’re going to spend the evening cringing and awkwardly being the only person in the crowd who doesn’t know the lyrics when the frontman tells everyone to sing along.

This is how I felt going into the RÜFÜS gig; excited trepidation. My only knowledge of them was their 2011 song Paris Collides, a song I’ve always loved, but we all know one good song does not a good band make. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only were this indie dance group (made up of Sydneysiders, Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt) making good music three years ago, but they have continued to do so with their latest music releases. They have refinined and fine-tuned to the point that we are now left with a band that creates electrifyingly smooth sounds quite unlike anything else. With their latest album Atlas debuting at #1 on the Australian Albums Chart in August 2013, the band have been propelled from the relative obscurity suffered on their last tour of Perth to widespread popularity and sold out shows.

Fremantle Arts Centre is a beautiful venue for any band, but it particularly lent itself to the ambience of RÜFÜS’ sultry synths. The distinctive, instantly recognizable xylophone-esque twist that give this trio their unique flavor streamed through the venue and made every song truly their own. It was obvious to everyone in the crowd that for this band music is nothing less than a compulsion. Synth player George quite literally climbed walls, and the music barely stopped long enough for singer Lindqvist to thank the crowd before launching back into a set list that blended perfectly from one song to the next. This intense, palpable love for the music they make is truly inspiring and left me feeling energized and refreshed. This is what will certainly make RÜFÜS an invaluable part of the Australian music scene in the future.


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