Robbie Williams Let Me Entertain You Tour

 – by Carla Avendano

As the lights went out for the opening to a fantastically spectacular show, the crowd cheered and screamed for their idol who not only is one hell of a ladies man but also a top class entertainer and artist, Robbie F#*k*** Williams as he introduced himself was set to give Perth one hell of a night.  Appearing on stage through a puff of smoke dressed in all black the sexy Brit opened up with the very fitting “Let Me Entertain You” . There was no doubt that he was here to do one thing besides making his audience swoon and beg for more, he was here to possibly give one of the most entertaining heartfelt shows seen to date.


fDSC00329Swinging right into “Lazy Days” and the funky “Rock Dj” had the audience all around jumping off their seats and having a dance and cheer. Robbie interacting with his devoted fans knows theres a lot of love for him here in Oz, stealing a few kisses with some lucky girls from the front rows and giving a cheeky flash here and there had this Perth crowd going nuts for his performance. “Monsoon” and “Come Undone” followed both with crowd sing-a-longs. Wether it was that look in his eye or that cheeky grin he continued to capture hearts during the night. Alongside some great laser light shows and using full access around his stage the show just got better and better as the hour went by . He had the roof packed arena swaying their hands side to side to “The Road to Mandalay” and bringing the hotties from Lawson back on stage creating a great sense of nostalgia with “Back For Good” from those Take That days.


Before being even more of a sweetheart than he could possibly already be he dedicated “Bad Motherf#ck**” to his son Charlton, this one here was definitely raw but heartfelt at the same time, I’m sure most of the audience thought it was just a tiny bit brilliant. Inviting a very special guest on stage to join him on a rendition of “Better Man”  Pete Conway, Williams  was just such a beautiful gesture no wonder his shows sell out, its more than just a concert it’s a memory, a special moment you’ll always be apart of. Smashing out “Supreme” before a quick wardrobe changed let the band set some rifts and some pretty awesome drum banging before appearing back on stage in a  sexy leather kilt.


Continuing with his show stopping performance covering a mash-up of  “We Will Rock You” and “I Love Rock’n’Roll” had everyone dancing off their seats singing along to the famous lyrics. The entertainment continued with a the cheeky behind a small stage screen footage to “Hot Fudge” with Lauren from the audience. “Feel” had everyone belting out the tunes alongside him, “Millennium” including a mash of Lorde’s “Royals” and Jay Z’s “99 Problems” captivating the audience in a sway of movement, finishing off with copious amounts of energy with his singers and dancers to “Kids”, but of course the fans wanted an encore and of course Robbie returned to the stage  wrapping up a tremendous finish with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “She’s the One”, “Angels” and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. The lighting and the totally awesome disco ball heads just added to the moment and experience, as the crowd rose to give a standing ovation to an amazingly entertaining show that Robbie Williams gave, truly an exquisite performance.


 Photo Credit: Matthew Picken
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