Review: Thundamentals at May Hussle Hussle

The trio that is the ThundamentalsTuka, Jeswon and DJ Morgs – have gone from strength to strength in recent years. And now with a third studio album under their collective belt, a sold out Australian tour and a #1 Urban album on the ARIA charts, career wise the next step would be an actual ARIA. I’m hoping this is something the boys will also achieve this year.


Having to travel from one end of the Earth to the other (Joondalup to Fremantle, so pretty much!) meant that I arrived halfway through Fozzy & VanC’s set and that, unfortunately, I missed local support Silvertongue’s entire set. Hailing from the UK and now based in Perth, the emcee won a competition giving him the opportunity to support both the Thundamentals’ Perth shows; Flyrite Nightclub on the Thursday and the Hussle Hussle show at Mojo’s Fremantle on the Friday.

Word in the crowd was that Silvertongue performed – and these are direct quotes – “a fuckin’ dope” set that he finished by demonstrating his “crazy” freestyling skills. This was later confirmed when Ozi Batla invited Silvertongue back to the stage, at the end of Astronomy Class’ set, for a cypher of sorts. The same gentleman who provided me with his charmingly honest opinion was also so impressed by Silvertongue’s performance that he purchased his album after his set for $5, another point he seemed extremely pleased about.

When I arrived it seemed Fozzy & VanC had a stronghold on the crowd. The charismatic duo performed their infectious tracks that seemed to please the largely female – they were all there for Tuka I’m sure of it – crowd. With VanC performing the hooks and Fozzy providing the rhymes, they had the nearly full capacity crowd moving on the dance floor. Though not every one was a fan, “I’m just waiting for Astronomy Class”. Yep, same guy. (I barely moved all night, except to the bar that is. Priorities.) I felt the boys were a perfect choice to set the scene for the next two acts.

By the time Astronomy Class hit the stage, Mojo’s was at full capacity and the party vibes were at an all time high. Though I’m familiar with the individuals of the Astronomy Class act – emcee Ozi Batla, DJ Chasm and Sir Robbo – I was not overly familiar with Astronomy Class itself. However after hearing the Asian-influenced tracks from Mekong Delta Sunrise, an album created after a trip to Cambodia, I was entirely won over. The sounds were a refreshing change from the same old beats found in Australian hip hop these days. Ozi Batla always gives a strong, hearty performance, the sweat literally dripping from him, the addition of a live MPC performance from Sir Robbo sweetening the deal.

The Thundamentals’ long awaited arrival was greeted with resounding cheers and straight away they launched into an older track, How You Been? With a number of their newer tracks having a soulful sound, the trio was also joined by a trumpet player creating an organic sound that the crowd lapped up. With 3 hit albums to source tracks from there was never a dull moment during their performance, and the chemistry between emcee Tuka and Jeswon added to the hyped atmosphere. On their second album, the Thundamentals experimented with the dubstep sound and dropped some tracks off Foeverlution in the middle of the set. Personally, I am not a fan of dubstep or the “dubstep sound” but it did provide a nice break from the hip hop and the crowd danced erratically in enjoyment. Really there is no other way to dance to dubstep is there.

The Thundamentals are known for their catchy hooks and slick-produced songs, it’s a formula that works for them and has helped them see success. The latter end of their set featured their most recent songs that stick to that formula including their extremely popular cover of Matt Corby’s Brother that is just as amazing live. Closing with the recent hit Something I Said, featured singer Thom Crawford was brought on stage to sing his famous hook but you could barely hear him over the crowd’s passionate singing. I’ll admit I was one of them, that chorus is just so damn catchy! And what a way to close what was such an intense set. Another success night of hip hop by Hussle Hussle. Loose Change in June is up next.

By Kylie de Vos

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