Review: This Is Where I Leave You

– by Chantelle Kerwin

This_Is_Where_I_Leave_You_posterThis Is Where I Leave You is a great story about the importance of family. The movie starts off with Jason Bateman’s character, Judd, who appears to have the perfect life until it all gets turned upside down of course. His father dies and he is forced to go back to his hometown. We follow the Altman family as they all grieve the death of their father in different ways. It has hit the 3 brothers, 1 sister and the mother in interesting ways.

The four siblings are forced to stay in the same house for the next 7 days to fulfill their father’s dying wish of completing Shiva. While back in their hometown they encounter old friends and lovers, stirring up forgotten feelings. It is difficult for the siblings because they have not been around each other for a very long time and have to learn to get along again.

Jane Fonda was great as the matriarch of the film. She was interesting, serious and funny which was perfect for the tone of the movie. Her oversharing was one of the running jokes, being a therapist, and no topic was off limits. Paul, the eldest brother, is the serious one trying to have a baby with his wife. Wendy (Tina Fey) is the only daughter trying to keep the peace between her brothers while dealing with her emotionally unavailable husband. Judd who had it all figured out is now jobless and trying to decide what’s next. The youngest brother is the ‘screw up’ of the family seems like he is finally getting his act together, evening bringing home a serious girlfriend. When you put all of these clashing personalities under one roof, things are going to get wild.

The film is a classic Hollywood comedic-drama that is great for a relaxing night out. The audience was kept entertained throughout the movie while it was still able to maintain the sombre emotions these characters were feeling. It was great seeing Tina Fey play a bit more of a serious character with a touch of classic Tina Fey humour. The cast was fantastic, they all worked so well together! If you are looking for a good laugh then definitely see this movie (maybe not with your young kids though)!


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