Review: The Funkoars at Amplifier

Fifteen years and The Funkoars are still at it, as energetic as ever (not that I can write about their career retrospectively since it’s been going on for more than half the time my heart has).


In support of their latest EP, Dawn of the Head, The Funkoars and friends pulled a mighty crowd in to the Amplifier Bar on Friday the 23rd May and bounced them around relentlessly, as a reminder of why they are a name stay in the national hip hop vocabulary. Perth had its best feet forward (when they weren’t stalking the stage left and right) with support first up from the unstoppable young emcee known as Kogz, who got everyone geared up on new music with free copies of his new CD Piece of Mind flying out into the front row.

Complete kept the sweat dripping off the foreheads despite the rain outside with his signature sing-alongs and hard hitting delivery, always a confronting experience to the un-initiated, but infectiously raw none the less. Mr Grevis followed up, kicking it back and getting the crowd ready for some funky stuff, but not before a powerhouse of local rhymers could take the stage in the form of Sever, Smiley, Complete, Bitter Belief and Omac as well as Grevis himself, all sharing verses on Blood Stained Nikes.

And after such a welcoming the headliners did not disappoint, dishing out a dose of the classics as well as new bangers, not to mention several huge inflatable penises. Live samples got a workout throughout the set, and so did our legs as they let run the famous Seven Nation Army beat after doing dirty work with that riff through the sampler.

Of course it seems no set is complete this year without a bit of public Abbott criticism, and the lads weren’t short on that either, getting a sea of middle fingers up to the fee-hiker. The beats beat on and the gig rode off with that certain flavour of square bass that made The Funkoars set come alive. To hear it for yourself, make sure to grab copy of Dawn of the Head here.

By Lyndon Kidman

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