Review: The F Word

– by Tyler Boag

Delve into the passionate works at Gallery Central by artists from all over Australia and America. A journey from start to finish, tempting viewer’s interest forward with the impressive collection of figurative art. Never failing to excite visitors and make a positive impression on this reviewer, the peculiarly named the f word exhibition, awaits you and many others.

Confusing a title it is, it actually holds a double meaning, with the ‘F’ standing for ‘figurative’. Artists who have adopted the figurative style state their frustration ( to whom?) of being muffled out by mainstream photographers stealing their spotlight. Multiple artists spent days on their pieces and have merged together to display their unappreciated work creating an awe filled exhibition.

Nerissa lea, ' Report from an obscure planet ' 2014 30cm x 30cm1
Title image: Jo Monday Morning by Thomas Hoareau (2014) – Acrylic on paper. Above: Report from an obscure planet by Nerissa Lea (2014).

Variety was a key component to this exhibition, ranging from Nicole Slatter’s dark and mysterious oil on canvas pieces, presenting eerie settings of caves, dark forests and bleak wreckage to make ones skin crawl. To the other end, Richard Bosman’s woodcut on rice paper works shows just enough shadow to identify it’s either a glove, some other form of clothing or a facial expression. The many masterful works scattered around the room are a pleasure to take in.

Heart and soul were wrapped in a tight bow as each piece projected the passion and personality of the diverse range of artists. Touring around the exhibition, you gradually became more and more interested with the versatility. As if staring directly into the eyes of each artist, this exhibit gave some insight into their own perspectives and ideas about how we see things. Some abstract, some confronting; all keeping one interested as to what each artist was hoping their viewers would take away from their art pieces.To conclude, the f word is an exhibition with more than enough to satisfy its visitors. From the realistically detailed oil on canvas, to the totally abstract acrylic arts, disappointment is far from reach at Gallery Central, Northbridge: An exhibition worth your absolute attention.

Stewart MacFarlane_Date Night Oil on Board, 2005, 87 x 63cm
Date Night by Stewart MacFarlane (2005) Oil on board.

ADDRESS: 12 Aberdeen Street, Perth CBD

WEBSITE: www.gallerycentral.com.au/

OPEN HOURS: 27 October – 15 November Mon – Fri 10am – 4.45pm, Sat – 12pm – 4pm

CONTACT: 9427 1318

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