Review: ‘The Balance’ Daniel Ray

The Balance by Daniel Ray is the culmination of one mans journey of emotive expression, the evidence of a dedication to music borne out of heartache and remorse. This album is a simmering collection of honest confessions, recollections, questions and answers, set in a deep scene of intense, weeping strings, live drums and encompassing female vocal choruses.


Right from the intro we’re plunged in to this world that is the artist’s creative vision, with the delicate bed of piano and cello on the first track Move On giving us just a taste of what’s to come. This is melancholy hip hop at its boldest, with sheer angst in the delivery that’s reminiscent of the darker side of Eminem‘s catalogue.

There’s a rock influence that can’t be ignored, with wailing guitar solos and chunky rhythms scattered throughout. This intensity is at a peak in Grey Clouds, with a heavy orchestral gothic rock style intro that leaves you hanging off every word in the verse. The journey through the depths of human emotion comes to an uplifting end with the crowd-sung chorus of the closing track History.

The Balance is truly an epic musical journey to be ridden like a storm in the ocean, so if you’re a fan of deep music and rich soundscapes, definitely get your hands on a copy and support this local artist.

By Lyndon Kidman    

Daniel Ray’s The Balance Album Launch is at Ya-Ya’s Northbridge on 28th June 2014, 1st release tickets are $10.

You can also get The Balance in stores or on iTunes from 13th June 2014. 

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