Review: ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ February Edition

– by Ollie Read

An in-depth look at the latest installment of ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ on the 25th of Feb, a dedicated to local hip hop event, hosted at Flyrite nightclub.

In the face of local hip hop nights being shut down left, right and centre due to meaningless aggression, DJ Shaker cannot be faulted for his perseverance. The latest of his semi-regular nights, ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’, drew a respectable mid-week crowd and went off without a hitch. While it normally plays host to rock and electronica gigs, Flyrite has the makings of an awesome space for a regular Hip Hop night. With a decent sound system, Emu Export on sale and a mighty fine smoking area, the venue has everything on offer that you could hope for.

Much like the movie from which it lends its name, Mom’s Spaghetti featured a host of local acts showcasing an even broader range of styles in the open mic session. The importance of the exposure offered by open mic nights cannot be stated enough, and with a bit of luck we will have this Hip Hop open mic night available to the youngens for a while to come.

Skrazie & Affekt, Advice, DVS and Bluntfield all took to task exhibiting talents on the night, each with varying skill sets and levels of ability. Bluntfield was by and large the highlight, with flowing dreads, freestyle bars and a sense of humour to boot. Particular credit to the man for his ‘fuck you’ song to Bill Lumbergh. The ode to arsehole bosses the world over was certainly not lost on the mid-week drinking crowd.

Following the open mic session LD took the stage, an Englishman with a whole lot of styles and tempos up his sleeve. From more laidback tunes to the grime tip, LD had a lot on display. His set really livened up though, when he invited Phatigue up for a battle. This was apparently a long time coming, and it was great to see freestyles over instrumental beats for a change.

The beauty of local nights with this kind of variety is that you will, more often than not, stumble across an emcee or act that you not have otherwise heard. One such emcee was Walter Washington Jr. The Louisiana/Oklahoma bred emcee now calls Perth home, and we’re better off for it. The single he played from an upcoming EP, ‘Rolling Stone’, was bangin’. Washington was comfortable without being too confident, and clearly appreciated the opportunity to play. Hopefully he will have more of those opportunities soon.

Rounding out the night was local semi-robot stalwart, Wisdom2th. For the uninitiated, Wisdom2th brings a unique style of computer-concept rap which is matched with an equally unique live show. One can expect heinous shirts and hilarious dancing, laid over the top of some incredible beats.

The next installment of Mom’s Spaghetti is on Wednesday 25th March, and features live sets from Screw Loose and Silvertongue. This should be a banger, and definitely one to support.

Photo: Walter Washington Jr., 

Photo credit: Ollie Read

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