Review: Himanshu Suri AKA Heems at Myre Rooftop

Friday the 31st of January marked a bitter sweet day in the local music scene for Perth, as ex member of successful rap group Das Racist – Himanshu Suri (otherwise known as Heems) took to the Myre Rooftop for the final gig that would be thrown at the venue.


The promoters interestingly decided to rotate between DJ’s and MC’s one after another, so at no point were there back to back DJ’s or MC’s for the local acts.  Like most people, I had prior engagements and by the time I got there, I had missed the likes of Knoe and Bax Davis, however, with word from reliable sources, Bax Davis killed his set, with a focus on classic 90’s style hip hop beats with smooth schemes and clever punches combed throughout.  Also, Knoe promoted his new EP Lemonade which demands international credibility with a feature from New York rapper Skyzoo and local production by the likes of Empty.

The Stoops, who are no stranger to any stage in Perth, killed their set, even if the volume was not nearly as loud as it should have been.  Highlights included the classic bucketlist from their former release Stoopsquared, and the debut of their yet to be released single On the Earth produced by one of the group’s biggest homies – Creed Birch.

Finally, Himanshu Suri took the stage, threaded in a suit that could have easily been mistaken for an 80’s carpet and a slick back hair style befitting of his Middle Eastern descent.  His first track Rapping 2 U was one of my favourites, with the beat sampling the first outro of cult anime classic – Samurai Champloo which was not only nostalgic but also a total jam.  While performing, Suri carried himself with a very lackadaisical demeanour, only moving in slow motion for most of the set, while occasionally playing air guitar on the microphone.  With a lot of his songs having interesting beats that varied quite significantly, most of his content was very un-relatable and pandered a bit to the trendy fan base. You know the kids, the ones wearing weed socks and only go to two gigs a year, both being overpriced international rappers and they wouldn’t know a good lyric if it knocked off their five panel.

Overall, this was a pleasant gig that ended with the stage being rushed and a heartfelt goodbye to a lovely venue that never really got to reach its full potential.  It’s a shame to have to get rid of something that really was interesting and a great addition to the live music scene in Fremantle.

By Jim Hall

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