Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

– by Sophia van Gent


J.K. Rowling’s newest offering, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, follows the adventures of Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy, as they struggle to cope with balancing the expectations of having a famous name and a famous father with the desire to be their own person throughout their years at Hogwarts.

It isn’t as richly evocative as the original Harry Potter series, but considering that it is the rehearsal script for the current theatre production series in London, it shouldn’t be that surprising.

It does assume fairly extensive knowledge of the Wizarding World and previous Harry Potter books, so it is highly recommendable to read the Harry Potter series before reading The Cursed Child.

Despite this, the original characters are just as quirky, funny and enigmatic as they were when J.K. Rowling published the original series a decade ago. Yet despite this, Albus and Scorpius steal the show with their boisterous relationship.




The action within The Cursed Child happens at a fast pace, with each scene change just as quick and swirling as memories in a pensive. This does limit the ability to fully immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, but it also means that it is a great quick read on public transport or in your lunch break.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is a wonderful insight and addition to Rowling’s Wizarding World, not just in fleshing the world more but also into the main characters.

In Act One, Scene Seventeen, the scene was described, as “It was chaos It was magic” and frankly, it is a fitting description for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Is it worth the $30 spent on buying this book? Probably not.

Is it enjoyable to read nonetheless? Yes it is.


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