Review: Get Hard

– by Chantelle Kerwin

get hard posterA Will Ferrell movie is usually funny. A Will Ferrell plus rising comedic star Kevin Hart movie is hilarious. Get Hard has non-stop laugh out loud moments from the beginning to end. If you can appreciate stereotypical and racial humour then this is a movie for you. Racial stereotypes are played up between James King (Will Ferrell) and Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart).

James is a smart, rich man who has everything going for him until his world comes crashing down when he is accused of fraud and stealing millions of dollars from clients. James is found guilty and sentenced to prison. He has 30 days to get his affairs in order and recruits Darnell, the local car wash guy to help him prepare for his jail time. James thinks that because Darnell is a black man, he must have gone to prison (due to statistics of course) at some point in his life. Darnell is just a regular hardworking man trying to achieve the American Dream and buy a home for his wife and daughter. Darnell thinks on his feet and goes along with James assumptions so he can make some extra cash. This is the start of a beautiful friendship.

The rest of the film is filled with laugh out loud jokes catering to different types of humour ensuring the cinema was never quiet. It is funny to watch Darnell desperately trying to seem tough to prepare James for the many experiences prison will apparently offer. James on the other hand is naïve enough to believe him and takes his training seriously and almost literally does everything on the list. James is in denial as to how he treated his household staff and thinks they are genuinely trying to help him “prepare for prison” when Darnell instructs them to treat him like an inmate which often required something painful. Besides the humour there are some good lessons to be learnt. James discovers there is more to life than a big house, bank account and treating people who do not make as much money badly. James realises he cannot make judgments on people based on their skin colour, culture or socio-economic status. Darnell learns to be a good friend and it is never too late to do the right thing. Hard work pays off eventually.

As all Hollywood films go Get Hard is no different and ends happily for all. Will Ferrell had surprisingly good chemistry with Kevin Hart. They worked well together as I do not believe Ferrell has this with all of his co-stars. I would rate this film 7.5/10 and would definitely watch it again. On a final note, I do not think we should ever be forced to see Will Ferrell’s rear end on a V-Max screen, but maybe that’s just me.


Picture credit: IMDb, NewNowNext

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