Review: Blow “N” Up 2 Next Episode

Blow “N” Up 2 Next Episode presented by Terafyde Entertainment showcased the talents of Perth’s Indigenous hip hop artists. With a total of fourteen acts performing, attendees got to experience a wide variety of styles and talents. Dazastah was the host for the evening and DJ Noyes was the DJ for most of the sets.


The highlight of the night was the last performer DJ Zeke, who showed off his gift for turntablism, leaving the audience in awe. His rendition of Eye of the Tiger was particularly strong and Dead Prez’s Hip Hop was also a standout. The venue wanted Zeke’s set cut short because the event was running overtime, but the crowd would not allow it. They demanded he stay for one more song, demonstrating the support of the Indigenous hip hop community in Perth. It is easy to see why Dazastah described him as a DJ who performs at an “international standard”.

Ghana’s Papa Flava was another entertaining set, as he paid homage to Nelson Mandela and recognised Indigenous people all over the world. His upbeat style was an interesting change of pace from the other acts, with lots of dancing and singing. Papa Flava is a great showman and his music was engaging and fun to listen to.

Flewnt was one of the best emcees of the night. He demonstrated a strong flow and a seemingly effortless knack for lyricism. Furthermore he is a performer, who addressed the crowd and got them out of their seats and dancing. His music discussed the difficulties he has faced as an Indigenous Australian in a way that seemed to touch his audience deeply. Flewnt is certainly an emcee people should keep an eye on.

The organiser, Tera, gave a well-received performance, with his gravelly voice and intricate flow getting a huge reaction from the healthy audience. It was a shame that he only performed two songs, as his set was really enjoyable. However, the crowd was delighted when he took to the stage to help with other sets.

The number of different styles that can be heard was extraordinary. Rappers like Big Sexy, Jamahl Ryder and Lil Statik gave the crowd groovy dance tunes to move their feet to and put everyone in a partying mood.

Razzy Mac and Blasé, and Yazza rapped some intense money anthems with very Americanised styles. While these acts were talented, their music did feel a little insincere.

Illuzionz, Karla Hart and Vanessa Hope, and KP all looked at the difficulties that they and their family have faced as Indigenous Australians. Each of them gave a touching performance that was still entertaining.

There was even a little bit of horror-core performed, as Spoken Dope, also known as Kurse of Perth, combined evil lyrics with beat boxing to produce a unique sound.

Dylo opened the night, combining written lyrics with an impressive freestyle ability, which was handy when he forgot his bars.

It is clear that there is a lot of untapped talent within Perth’s Indigenous hip hop community and we can probably expect the same variety at the next Blow “N” Up event.

By Ciaran Johns

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