Review: Bam Bam ‘The Good Life’

Bam Bam’s new EP The Good Life glows and shimmers with sunny holiday vibes and a poignant message to seize the day and follow your passion. A fitting theme from a man who has lived out this mantra since a young age with his highly successful break-dance career. Bam Bam’s positive attitude towards life travels through the music in the form of funky beats, shiny licks and soulful hooks.


The first track, Feel Like I’m Alive, featuring Tigerilla, is the epitome of Bam Bam’s fun and bouncy vibes. The cruisy, open air feelings of freedom and weightlessness carry through and swell in the following tune aptly titled Bags Packed, before She Wanna Get Down (consisting entirely of live recorded instruments) steps up the energy level and delivers the sweats.

Find Your Feet, Day By Day and Better Man are all expressions of Bam Bam’s more thoughtful side, featuring honest lyrics and a re-capping of the mantra to always consolidate your experiences and move forward with a heart set on a true passion. A combination of party tracks and introspective poetry makes The Good Life an every man’s guide to exactly that.

By Lyndon Kidman

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