Review: America at HBF Stadium

– by Carla Avendano


It’s been a long 25 years since they last performed in Perth, but last week, America returned to do their 45th-anniversary concert, treating old fans and new ones alike with their highly anticipated paramount appearance. Opening this great rock-folk performance was Australia’s very own Russell Morris, who brought a great upbeat sound to the venue, perfect for what was to follow. Sharon Corr, the Irish singer from rock pop band previously known as The Corrs, then gave a more mellow, folk vibe finishing up with popular track “So Young” just before America was due on stage.

America have been performing around 100 shows each year for the past 45 years and let me tell you; this dynamic duo did not disappoint. As soon as they stormed the stage with “Tin Man” you could tell we were in for a hell of a show. Alongside their band, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley‘s performance was solid from their tight instrumental sound to their smoother rock vocals. Watching these guys perform was an honour. America played songs from all of their released albums starting from the beginning of their career. Playing the self-titled album “America” to their most recent release “Lost & Found,”  “Daisy Jane,” and “I Need You ” were definitely the crowd pleasers of the night, and had the fans out of their seats and enjoying a 70s slow dance. America really transported the crowd back in time with “Here” and “Ventura Highway,” giving the audience more of an upbeat rhythm. This definitely had most of us tapping our feet. There was absolutely no flaw in their performance, the band held bass to guitar, to drums, without missing a beat of their flow. This was great to see as you could tell a lot of time and passion goes into their shows.

Woodstock” presented more of a psychedelic vibe by now the fans were definitely enjoying the trip back down memory lane, singing along to the classics this influential band has given them. “Green Monkey” was more of a grungy rock tune, they then followed with a cover of “California” jokingly saying they wished they themselves had written the song. Popular hit “Lonely People” was next, and “Sandman” closely followed, their guitar strums and crowd interaction had the venue in awe with this feel-good band, never forgetting the fight for peace along the way. After finishing off with “Sister” they had said their “thank you’s” and “good night’s” but this crowd wasn’t going to let them leave before giving the much-deserved encore and like the great artists that they are they came back on stage to smash out “Dream Come True” and by far the very popular track “Horse Without a Name.” The fans displayed their thanks and appreciation to America with a never-ending wall of applause. America did what they came to do, and they did it very well, they are great musical entertainers.

Even though they have been around the industry for a very long time America can still teach you a thing or two about rocking out. It was amazing to see these rock veterans in action.


Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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