Review: A$AP Ferg at The Bakery

Wow. A$AP Ferg. The Bakery. So much heat. So much turnt.

1483435_10152132261104817_241478364_nThere’s no way one sentence of roughly 100 characters could encapsulate everything I witnessed last Saturday night. (Note, lots of jerseys with numbers, it felt like I was at a damn football game.)

The self-appointed Trap Lord / Hood Pope blessed – at least I got that out of my system – a sold out crowd at The Bakery; this being the second time the Harlem rapper has performed at a sold out show in Perth in less than 12 months. You know they all about that Always $trive and Prosper life.

His local disciples – okay I’ll stop! – Aslan and Kitpop both did the damn thang and provided seamless sets to warm up the crowd for the main support act DJ Sliink, who was added last minute.

However when it was time for Sliink’s hourlong set only half of the crowd had turned up (see what I did there), disappointing considering he is a talented up-and-coming DJ / producer pushing the new Jersey club sound internationally. Whether they were familiar with Sliink and his signature sound or not, his mixture of old and new songs, from Wave Racer to Outkast to iconic EDM tracks, saw some serious moves on the dance floor.

A$AP Mob is infamous for their eclectic fashion-forward style and wild shows; a stark comparison to Ferg’s rather sedated intro with a dark stage, him dressed in plain white with a balaclava. But it was only one tame song before he launched into his debaucherous performance. “I f**ked your b*tch n*gga, I f**ked your b*tch, she sucked my d**k n*gga, she sucked my d**k “. I get a feeling he’s had carnal pleasures with a number of dude’s broads, and though I don’t think many people in the crowd have partaken in such behaviour – ok, well I hope – they were all manically chanting that shit like they’d written it themselves.

Paying his respects to the unofficial leader of the Mob, A$AP Rocky, Ferg covered Wild For The Night and also Kissing Pink from the Live Love A$AP mixtape (which is my favourite song from that mixtape and no one recognised it, might I add. Sad face.). Shortly after welcoming the ladies on stage to dance, technical difficulties abruptly stopped the show, and believing the show to be finished a small portion of the crowd left. Thankfully this didn’t last too long, with Ferg pulling the crowd back in with Work. Unfortunately the forced intermission seemed to break the flow of the performance and it felt like it was over before it begun (again, that is), him closing with the infectious Shabba.

Artists like A$AP mob tend to tend cop shade because of their lyrics, their style, their beats, the list goes on. But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, having a good time and inspiring others to do so, and this was exactly what was happening last Saturday at The Bakery. In retrospect however DJ Sliink’s set would have been nice to close the night on. Something about his set had a feel good, nostalgic vibe and I hope we will be seeing him again in Perth soon. Ferg, I’m sure, will be back soon, and he won’t be alone, and it will sell out again. A$AP.

By Kylie de Vos

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