Relationstive Season

by – Alfindy Agyputri

It’s that time of year again, Christmas and New Year’s (Eve and Day)! During this festive season, we can’t really avoid meeting other people, whether it’s family, spouses/partners, friends, relatives, or colleagues. Different people will organize and invite you to different parties, and you will find yourself struggling to decide which one to go to. How do we manage all these different relationships? Here are some suggestions I’ve come up with. You can either take it or leave it.

  1. Priorities!

Of course everyone has their own priorities when concerning the people in their lives. But sometimes its confusing who outranks who. That’s why you have to make sure you know your priorities well. It sounds a bit cruel to evaluate people based on how important they are personally, but we do it all the time in our lives blindly. For example, some people rank their immediate families first. If you’re one of them, then you will spend more time with family during the celebration. Or if, say, you get invitations to celebrate Christmas with your friends, but your family is also arranging something, you know which one to choose

2. Join in

Another solution is to celebrate it with all of them at once. Maybe not all, but you can always combine parties (if possible, of course). You might be able to invite some friends over for Christmas with your family. Or if you have different circles of friends and you want to hang out with all of them, you can just arrange your own party and invite them so you can catch up with all of them. I’m sure everyone can manage hanging out with new people. It’s the right time to do so!download

3. Make a Timetable

But sometimes it’s too hard to arrange time with everyone. So what you can do is arrange different times with different people and make a timetable (on your phone or calendar) so you won’t forget or double book yourself. The celebration doesn’t have to be on the exact date. It can be a day or few days before, or after.

4. Take Turns

Since we have so many things going on, you can always decide to celebrate one period with family, and the other with friends. For example, Christmas Eve at church, Christmas Day with family, New Year’s Eve with friends, New Year’s Day with colleagues.

5. Arranging Gifts and Cards in a List

Now, some people love to give gifts or cards to their family and friends. Make sure you make a list – it can be from top to bottom based on priorities – of people you want to give cards or gifts to. You can even put what kind of gifts you want to give them on the list to help you later when you shop that way, no one will be missed!

I’m sure there are tons of other ways you can try, but above are just some simple ways I can think of. Be organized! Hope you have great celebrations!

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