Red Engine Caves PURPLE PAM Launch Party

-By Dariya Salmin


Last Saturday night at the Rosemount Hotel, Red Engine Caves had their Launch Party of the highly anticipated new single Purple Pam. With an electrifying line up that included: new local band Junglenauts, Marmalade Mama and The High Learys, this was a night their fans weren’t going to miss.

 The night started with The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets half sister Junglenauts. Playing their forth gig ever, this new band would be perfect Sunday chill for any psychedelic rock lover. With minimalistic elements, pretty melodies and a heavy rhythm section, Junglenauts were able to take the listener on a euphoric journey.

The next emerging act Marmalade Mama launched into a vibrant set as the crowd multiplied within seconds. The three-piece blues-rock outfit created the perfect ambience, as they gave 110 percent of their energy from the get go. Marmalade Mama played original songs such as Let Me Dream and Sexy Dagas as well as a soulful blues cover of Tame Impala’s Half Full Glass of Wine. The boys cemented an original stage presence with their hilarious crowd interaction. The vocalist Patrick Smith even went as far as creating a ‘loose game’ where he got the audience to answer back whether things he said were ‘loose’ or ‘not loose’. Finishing their set with a much applauded and wanted encore, it’s safe to say Marmalade Mama is one of the better local bands playing around Perth at the moment.

As the moshing ended, the crowd made way for the more mellow sounds of The High Learys. Jamie Turner, Michael Nutt, Matt Williams, and Mitchell J Benson look like they’ve stepped out of a time warp from the 60s, and the sound’s not too far off it either. The crowd was introduced to their new single Cabinet, which will be released in three weeks. With catchy synth hooks and a more melodic rock sound than a lot of their other songs, Cabinet had the crowd bopping in their seats. However it was their innovative spin on true blues Summer Time that got a few people up and on the dance floor. The High Learys came across very professionally. Although their hearts didn’t seem to be in it, their quirky stage presence and catchy psychedelic tunes still managed to engage the seated audience.


It was clear when Red Engine Caves started smashing all their instruments that the rock n roll had begun. Building up an electrifying climax, to the first song Jackhammar, there wasn’t one person in the crowd who wasn’t mesmerised and captivated. Their rhythmic fluidity, zeppelin-like riffs and energetic stage presence creates a powerful yet raw and authentic performance. The Fremantle trio played White Tile Fever, Rise Is On, #3, Only Mine and Settle Down Serious Woman and it was clear each song was as great of a rocker’s anthem as the next. However it was Purple Pam where the boys really let loose and took their energy level to 2.0. As limbs flew around everywhere, it was obvious this was the moment everyone was waiting for. The song had more essence live and the lead guitarist Ronnie gave a powerful and high intensity solo, even getting down on his knees to shred up the guitar. That wasn’t the only classic rock antics of the night, as someone from the crowd jumped up on stage, someone lite up a joint, a beer jug was thrown in the air, guitar strings dragged along the mic and classic nonsensical banter from the drummer Cal Kramer. The three-piece rockers ended their set with their track Leadfoot. Although the audience had halved by this point (after hearing Purple Pam) they never lost momentum, ending the night with a more than satisfied and exhausted crowd.


Photo credit: Alexander Miller 


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