Red Engine Caves: Colosoul’s nominated band for Stagebound 2016

-By Red Engine Caves

Coming Together

It was a sunny afternoon when Cal was pulling out of the Thornlie drive through BWS on the way home to catch the latest on 6PR after a long day of working on his tan by the pool. All of a sudden, this beat up silver Astra with no mirrors, a smashed window and a guitar lead holding the boot shut, comes flying out and T-Bones Cal’s stallion, straight in the ribs. The driver gets out with his hair in his face, spaghetti like arms flailing, screaming and yelling, “I fucken’ just missed the best part of me fucken’ song you dick head!” Instead of making use of his large, intimidating physique and retaliating, Cal notices a similar length in hair and hears crackly Free Bird solo emerging from the Astra’s tapedeck. “Ah fuck, my bad mate!” and with a warm smile and a nod, Matty and Cal join forces with three and a half minutes of the song left and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and spend the rest of the day by pool.

Enter Ricky, the underground super chef who’s guitar playing will simply slice you in half like his prized sushi knife would, catches wind of this Cal character upon a debrief with the Astra driver. Both Matty and Ricky agree, it’s time they team up with the lanky drummer who appears to be the only rocker around who is on the same page as them, to reignite the Red Engine Caves bonfire. Ricky swaps his car for a new Gibson SG, Matty mysteriously turns up to rehearsal in a yellow ’71 Charger, Cal sips on his Jack Daniel’s, passes the joint to the left and does not question any of this, and away they go. Why Cal drove to the liquor store across the road from his house, and what Matty was doing in Thornlie that sunny afternoon, we’ll never know.

Highlights this year

When all those venues closed earlier this year, we decided to hold our own party somewhere different and sold out a whiskey distillery. Perth City council tried to shut it down the day before but they can suck it. Playing at Jack Rabbit Slim’s just after it opened with The Delta Riggs was cool too, they’re fun to party with. Cal’s drumming is fucking mental and the new songs are insane, get ready for a slap in the face when the album comes out.

What would it mean to play Southbound

Well firstly it would mean we play Southbound and it’ll be like a working holiday, we all need a holiday. Might even get to meet Gary Clark Jnr. who knows? Also the stages in Perth are getting smaller for Ricky and Matty to run around on too.

So if you haven’t already please take a few minuets to vote and support Colosoul’s nominated band Red Engine Caves for Stagebound at Southbound 2016!

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Photo Credit:Red Engine Caves

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