Real Deal Gelato

– by Revathie Dhanabalan

Summer days are getting longer and I always look forward to digging into a good cup of cold cold creamy gelato and savoring it slowly! Simply using a simple combination of egg, milk, cream and sugar – Whisk Creamery in Subiaco did indeed provide that very well needed TLC in my tummy.


DSC_0314A family operated joint, Whisk uses only the freshest seasonal produce to create amazing soft serve gelato and frozen yoghurt. Using traditional Nonna’s recipes and methods, Whisk believes in creating traditional food with the best of quality. Think whipping cream by hand instead of using a stand mixer – hence all that dense and milky texture. And their homemade pasteries are to die for as well!

David and Simone, the brains behind Whisk Creamery along with their Nelva family always ensure to keep up-to-date with everything food related in Perth but they are also ever so traditional when they create their gelato masterpieces. Having been in Perth for less than a year, these two brothers alongside with their father Giulio have truly created a true to the ‘Italian heart’ place that is bound to veer you away from your everyday Tutti Frutti or Cold Rock.


DSC_0311And there is definitely nothing artificial in Whisk. When you are served a cup of their gelato, you would notice that even in this hideous heat their soft serve retains its soft, ‘elastic’ texture and slow-to-melt milkiness. There aren’t any artificial flavors or preservatives of any kind at Whisk. And my favorite seasonal flavor right now is their panna cotta gelato topped with chopped nuts. It is simple, fulfilling and best of all – you can taste the quality and love that goes into their recipes!

Whisk creamery offers up the classical gelato flavors such as coffee and vanilla custard but they also offer white chocolate, green tea, caramel gelato as well as mango and raspberry sorbet with a variety of toppings ($4.50–small, $0.80 a topping). But don’t fret, if you like a smooth cup of smoothies or shakes – get your hands on Tahitian Berry made with strawberries, froyo and apple juice! Ain’t that a treat for a hot summer’s day!


DSC_0317Here’s the thing, gelato is just the Italian word for ice cream but every individual gelato recipes vary. Some call for cornstarch, others for egg yolks; some use higher amounts of sugar and others use less. At the end of the day, a connoisseur of all things milky gold can sit and argue the differences but I say we should simply sit down and dig into a cup of a good ol’ traditional Italian gelato from Whisk Creamery!

ADDRESS: 151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008

WEBSITE: http://www.whiskcreamery.com.au/

PHONE: 08 6162 2948

HOURS: Monday-Saturday (7am-6pm), Sunday (8am-6pm)



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