Raw Food is Delicious

– by Rebecca Harris

Are you up for an organic and healthy adventure into the unknown? With the New Year just dawning, it’s time for change and new experiences. And what better food to experience other than vegan food? Veganism offers incredible health benefits such as younger looking skin as well as animal and environmental benefits, which assist with the sustainability of our planet. Being a carnivore myself, I understand the skepticism. But after trying The Raw Kitchen, I can safely say that I haven’t fully converted to veganism but I wouldn’t object to any vegan meals coming my way.

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Located in the boho town of Fremantle is The Raw Kitchen, the haven of vegan food. Boasting a rustic warehouse interior, The Raw Kitchen offers gluten free; sugar free and dairy free goodness to satisfy your inner herbivore! My first trip to The Raw Kitchen was in early 2014, when my friend had announced her decision to take on veganism. She recommended The Raw Kitchen and I felt a pang of reluctance. Seated in one of the retro booths, I felt comforted to see words like ‘nachos’, ‘pizza’ and ‘wedges’ on the menu, but I still kept wondering: how could I eat these raw vegetables without their meat counterparts?

RKgreen polentaDespite my thoughts, I chose the green polenta ($28) and I flipped over to the drinks menu, and settled for the Peruvian caramel smoothie ($9.50). When the food and drink arrived, I was allured by the presentation. I took my first bite and sunk back into my seat in bliss. The amalgamation of the velvety capsicum puree and the delicate, light polenta with the sweet medley of root vegetables was the concoction of a genius.

RKdrinksI sipped through the environmentally friendly metal straw of my smoothie and felt compelled to drink more. The combination of coconut sugar, banana, caramel and almond milk indulged my sweet tooth and I found myself finishing all of my food without any complaints. During the final sips of my smoothie, I glanced at the queue, lengthening out the door and I finally understood why so many people want to eat at this nirvana of a restaurant. I left The Raw Kitchen, thoroughly satisfied with my choice of food and drink and since then, I have become a frequent visitor. So, if you’re a carnivore and wouldn’t mind trying something new, I recommend The Raw Kitchen. It’s affordable, youthful and most importantly, tasty.

ADDRESS: 181A High Street, Fremantle, WA, 6160


PHONE: (08) 9433 4647

HOURS: Monday-Thursday (11-4pm), Friday-Sunday (11-9pm)

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