Radiohead Release New Single: Burn The Witch

-By Conor Graham

At the beginning of this week, the Internet was ablaze with talks of ‘Radiohead this, Radiohead that.’

The band removed their website, deleted all their Twitter and Facebook content and fans received cards in the post which read, ‘Sing a song of sixpence that goes/ burn the witch/ We know where you live.’

Have they gone insane?

Are they quitting?

Is this a wonderfully devised marketing tool?

It seems the latter was the most accurate as today the English icons released a new song accompanied by a ‘Trumpton’ inspired stop motion animation that follows loosely the story of the ‘Wicker Man’.

Burn the Witch is apparently the first single from the bands 9th studio album hopefully on the horizon this year and claimed by their management as “like nothing you’ve ever heard.” The rest of the album will have to be very different to the new release if that is to ring true though. The production, certainly percussion wise has some industrial influence from Yorke’s own DJ sets with a driving string section and soaring falsetto.

The lyrics are the really interesting part here with this release. They could be interpreted in different ways but I feel they focus on the near impossibility of free speech and discussion in a world where thoughts and words are publically humiliated on social media. Everyone is too scared to offend and it’s easier just to ‘Stay in the Shadows, Cheer the Gallows’.

Only time will tell what will come next for Radiohead, release wise. In the meantime their world tour starts this month with dates in the US, Mexico, Japan and Europe. I can’t imagine their album will have a typical release though…


Photo and Video Credit: Radiohead




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