POND New Album News

 – by Tobyn Fitch-Rabbitt

Local legends and Tame Impala sister act, POND, have set the release date for their sixth album, Man, It Feels Like Space Again, which is due out in Australia on the 23rd of January.

Man, It Feels Like Space Again follows the swaggering , riff-heavy Hobo Rocket which came out last year. Hobo Rocket was a bombastic display of Led Zeppelin inspired hard rock, which appeared a bit on the short side to some.

POND also released a music video for ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’  which will appear on the upcoming album. Engaging in gloriously grimy VHS quality POND, in retro-futurist gear straight out of your favourite B-grade 80s sci-fi, make full use of silly string and water balloons.

POND is currently on tour in the US with Doctopus, which is probably the best thing to ever happen, it’s just a shame that we can’t witness it.


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