Pole dancing the kilos away

And yes, it’s actually an enjoyable workout.

– by Sophie James


On my personal mission to get fit and start a healthier lifestyle, I recently enrolled myself in a pole dancing class for beginners. Many people get the idea of pole dancing being suited for, well, “working class girls” or strippers. Seeing the people who were in the class with me, however, I can tell you that is one hell of a misconception.

Any female with any body type can join no matter how you dance or what you weigh.

Pole dancing helps build strength, tone and build muscle as well as boosting confidence.

The pole-dancing studio I decided to try out, Shemoves, is located in Perth, Joondalup and Canning Vale, so whatever side of the river you live, you can easily find a studio.


When I first started, there were endless moments of panic as I tried to learn new moves on the pole, thinking ‘how on earth can my arms hold me to do that?’. After a couple of sessions, though, it quickly becomes clear that your arms can do it (trust me, if I can do it, you can). The teachers there are so friendly and helpful and they completely understand how terrifying it can be to fly backwards in the air with only one hand on the pole.

There are a few options to get you started when you start taking classes. I purchased the ‘Get Me Sexy-Fit Now Pack’, which has great value. It includes a pole moves beginners course and 5 Smoulder and Burn class passes. They do allow you to mix and match a bit so it suits you better – I changed my passes for 3 Smoulder and Burn and 2 Bounce Twerkout classes, to get a good mix.


Smoulder and Burn is a casual class to help you tone, shape and burn those kilos. Bounce Twerkout is more floor work and has a dedicated ab section, which helps muscle toning and shaping your body.

All the classes are highly enjoyable and you can definitely feel your muscles working. Any female with any body type can join no matter how you dance or what you weigh. After the 6-week course you learn a heap of spins and cool tricks, and you feel amazed with yourself because you can actually do the moves.

I have gained so much confidence by doing these classes and I feel better in my own body. So if you want a fun workout, cast off the gym and try ‘Shemoves’ out.


Photo credits: functionroomsperth, Shemoves Facebook page.

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