Perth’s Quiet Achiever

– by Elizabeth Sonter

Designer Samantha Washer, of Zahir, introduced her new line of beach bags, beach blankets and summer flats at the Perth Upmarket event held at the University of  Western Australia over the weekend.

Starting in 2011, this Perth designer has worked non-stop to produce quality pieces that have been showcased at events such as Fashion Exposed, as well as taking the interest of international buyers. She describes the Zahir style as “a boho luxe style label”, a collection that aims to evoke the feeling of freedom and fun.

“It has a very relaxed vibe and relates to the coastal beach culture of WA.”

Zahir is one label to sit up and take notice of as the spring/summer 2014 clothing range ‘Island Dreaming’ is unveiled next week. With its gorgeous, vibrant prints that constantly tease out memories of picturesque sunsets on the beach with best friends, it’s no wonder Zahir’s product line is expanding to include homewares and accessories; inviting the question: when will we see a store?

“Where I have predominantly sold wholesale to boutiques in the past, I will now be selling exclusively online and hope to open a small Zahir concept store in the future.”

Samantha has already had a great reaction to her new products, which isn’t hard to believe coming from someone whose love for creation speaks volumes in their work.

“If you love what you’re doing and love creating that’s all that really matters. It’s all about having fun and enjoying life”

Zahir will be at the next Perth Upmarket event on March 1st next year at UWA.

Photo credit: Zahir Lifestyle Label Facebook.

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