Royal Show 2014: Bull chases and brash rides

– by Tyler Boag

The Perth Royal Show was back for 2014 and packed a hell of a punch. Located at the Claremont showgrounds, the grounds were filled with showbag wielding adrenaline seekers making up much of the massive crowds.

Screams and cheers could be heard from one end of the show, country music played jovially at the other, and countless showbag sheds and live entertainment were sandwiched between them. The eyes needed a vacation after the endless encounters with wild performances, animal displays, and the neon blast of light emanating from Sideshow Alley.

Both the Dairy Pavilion Edit4and IGA Pavilion were back and pulling the show ground wanderers in. Free taste tests and demos were provided for the parents to enjoy while the kids followed the adventure of the IGA Yellow Brick Road.

A visit to the farm animal shed was a must. From the smallest of chicks contained in their own domes to the moody horses posing for photos, the shed perfectly coincided with the agricultural spirit of the rest of the show. Though it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the animal shed is always more than meets the eye.

Having gone twice, I had a general idea of the events going on at the show:the raffle draws, the BMX Freestylers, the witty Titan robot. But the one-cow-stampede was a surprise.

Edit2The bull charged through the crowds in Sideshow Alley, bumping unsuspecting visitors, making its way out of the showgrounds to a nearby suburban front yard. Definitely a sight to see, adding a bizarre experience to the Royal Show that won’t be easily forgotten.

One must ask themselves: if a wild bull managed to show up half an hour after my arrival, what other madness awaited? It’s safe to say that this years Perth Royal Show was tons of fun and beautifully set up. Despite a few hiccups here and there—the high priced food, the usual technical difficulties, and the overflow of visitors—the overall Show was as surprising and enjoyable as the breathtaking fireworks that ended the day.

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