Pennywise – About Time Tour

 – by Carla Avendano
Pennywise tore the roof off Metros Fremantle last Thursday night. Not only did they have one of the most radical mosh pits, they also delivered one hell of a show.
Alongside Pennywise, supporting the About Time Tour celebrating 20 years since the album launch, American punk rock band Anti-Flag. These guys seriously got the crowd pumping – it was insane, their onstage antics and energy hit like a hot wave of rock. Performing fan favourites like “Fuck Police Brutality,” “1 Trillion Dollar,” and “Die For The Government,” had the mosh pit going steady, letting everybody enjoy the show. They had the crowds attention, getting the mosh pit to start going around in a circle making sure no one was trampled on if they fell, you could feel the energy rise from the mosh pit as the fans followed instructions. The mind blowing part of the performance was when they brought down the drum set off stage in between the crowd and started playing from the floor, the crowd showed their love and appreciation by rocking out hard.  Anti-Flag really set the mood and vibe for Pennywise putting on a fierce performance.
After a somewhat short interval enough time for the drenched in sweat moshers and the rest of Pennywise fans to stock up on12068473_10153168134216361_7261566951493388167_o a few more drinks, the crowd started to call out for the show to begin, these fans were ready to be taken back to the old school punk rock vibes they grew up with. Off to a rocking start with “Peaceful Day” Pennywise took the stage, these Americans giving it their all from start to finish of song to song. They had the crowd rocking hard jumping around, it got hectic on the floor without a doubt one of the most enjoyable things to see.
Tearing up the stage with the complete About Time album the last show on their tour was their Perth one, so of course they kept the night going hard with solid performances through and through and what a privilege it was to see these guys give one hell of show. “Society” had the fans lose their shit as they rocked out singing along. They really showed the love tonight. Pennywise covered “Do What You Want” by Bad Religion, they also did  a cover of “Down Under” by Men at Work – quite fitting I suppose, and did a great punk rock cover of “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. All these were accompanied by a singalong amongst the whole venue. They surely gave a performance to remember.
Even though these guys could’ve kept rocking out hard with their audience in tow they finished up with “Bro Hymn” and even though I’m sure the fans would’ve loved an encore they knew that they had been given one awesome night of punk rock that couldn’t have gone any better for their final show.
 Photo Credit: Matthew Picken
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